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Pile of Lies

by Christian L. Watson

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He don’t want to wonder Which way he’s going to go Sitting at the doorstep Discarded and alone It’s impossible to soar Under the gaze of a war You’re facing the angels, because you don’t belong This land of monsters isn’t good enough, for our lonely light I miss you kiss you ask you not to go, but it’s not your right Sparkle in my life, tonight In the distance we see A shining tightrope to the sun It’s hard to balance, but we won’t let go Of this heaven we have won It’s impossible to win the sky If we aren’t allowed to cry I’m an atheist, I’m religious, a democrat, conservative I’m from a different land, I’m right at home, straight, gay I’m ugly, I’m playboy, discriminated, prejudiced.
I feel, your life, slipping over me I want, your face, smiling next to me I see, the world, right in front of me. Sitting at the bottom of a pile of lies Wondering why I’m hypnotized As the cranes fly by with their blood red heads I hope every note, I play on my bed would find you somehow Life had us down had us begging on our feet Our hearts were lost but we did not have to thrust them both together like we did A good intentioned road to Hell is a scary thing to think Of what our future might look like as we write it out in ink could we be wrong? Today the snowflakes fall down hard on my withered back But through the distance I see you with your face to the sun but you ignore the angels They won’t tell us what to do I see a light in your eyes that I’ve been looking for these days And even when there’s no one left you’ll hold me anyway we’ll see it through Sitting at the bottom of a pile of lies, wondering why I wasn’t hypnotized by you Before
Miss Murderer, you are killing me You pulled my heart right out of me Miss Murderer, you are everything to me Even though I’m dying, in your arms. I was just a little boy on a Friday night You caught my eye in a sliver of light I looked around and all I could see Was you sitting crisp and clear In a swirling sea I remember when, all I would feel Was a silly little feeling I knew you would steal Now you’ve got me, searching through, a silly little maze that I know will lead back to you I know one day, I’ll get struck down By an itty bitty doggy as he runs around It seems so far but oh somehow I’ll dream and dream it’s all I can do for now And I I don’t know Where the future, is all going But I know, that I’ll stick with you, Because you have my heart, so I need you to live.
Mr. Curious sun pokes his head through the blinds Your thoughts swim around as they try to get in line The floor is so cold you can’t shake the memories away Was it too much to handle just one more day? The world outside was glowing bright The world outside was yours You weren’t alone you had a home Now you’ve thrown it away with what you’ve done Now son why’d you do it what’s your motive did you hit your foot out on the door Was it something we did that left you wanting more Why why oh why digs deep into your soul An answer won’t come now but you thought you had known Mr. Curious Sun now hides his head away at night As you cling to the pages of every book they write Your heart was so empty it burst out and changed your look It washed over you with blood and lies and stuck
Marisol 04:42
Hey Marisol why do you look so down? Don’t you know the sun shines from you head and your crown? But I am no prince Hell I will not transform with a startle or a kiss You are the only one who wants to see the snow go You are the only one who wants to see the sun glow You are the only one I want to see me Marisol Hey Marisol I got your message in a bottle But I cannot read your crumpled dreams just start and stop So please don’t be blind Don’t let me hide you behind the back doors of my mind Hey Marisol you’re so young and so old Perhaps our feelings are not yet that cold So don’t over think, everyday my eyes fight to stay from you Hey Marisol I see you’ve slipped away Why d’you give me deja vu when you just could have stayed? This is the night Let’s breath out air let’s live our lives this is our right.
I stretch my legs and lean my cold head back My mind says go back to bed But something in you is keeping me awake you are, lovelier than any dream could make If your heart is filled with nothing, and you don’t know where you belong Don’t get to behind now baby, I’ll need you when I’m gone Every song you sing is us Every star you see is for you And every smile you make it feels like love I see myself on top of the world, looking down like some old god I wish I gave time to see what’s ahead, but I got caught up with looking at you instead I stretch my legs and lean my cold head back, but nothing’s keeping me awake today Years have passed and we’re in different lives, and I only get to see you, once or twice.
Release 03:16
Your feet crash through the violet gold Your feet crash through my heart And your words crash through my soul even though they weren’t meant for me, but I know that I will stay in them, forever How can I release, am I just blind? How can I know when you confuse my mind? I thought you were telling me that I could let go I thought you were telling me that I could be free From this dusty old apartment of my soul, but I know that I might stay in here, forever Yesterday I thought I felt you by my side, I closed my fingers around your, unseen hand You left me shattered in the prism of your lies, and I’m glad that I could leave you, forever
Tomorrow 02:59
I’ve waited on every single wall I’ve tired on every other doorstep Even if every coin you put in his cup gets thrown away, maybe tomorrow life will sing What good is saying that you’re nice, if it means you’re nothing at all? What good is fighting the current with no one to help you back? Maybe tomorrow life will sing And the snow is falling without hope as the grass goes up in smoke And everything in every way is around us as we hope for a better day What good is calling up above If it means letting yourself go? Hey maybe someone likes your confused and tortured soul Maybe tomorrow life will sing


“I don’t know/where the future/is all going” -Miss Murderer. Yet I do know that in that studio, I felt...at home. What started in an empty coffee-house has grown into something more monumental and more powerful than I could ever have hoped for.
Each song on this album has a very distinct and important story behind it. There's no crap on here. If you want to know the meaning behind my metaphors and why I wrote each one, don't hesitate to ask.
Life is full of bad experiences, the break-ups, the grievings, the failures, like a never-ending pile of unfortunate experiences to overcome.
I, however, will not let this daunt me. This pile of bad experiences is just a pile of lies. Little does the universe know that I am well aware that the journey through life is amazing and wonderful. I can’t let these bad things let me down. Instead, I’ve learned to use my failures to my advantage, recovering stronger than ever before. We have to embrace these bad experiences, because they are part of what defines us.
My music helps me in my journey up the pile, and even though I can’t see the end yet, I’m still smiling. After recording this CD I look back and realize I’ve been having the time of my life.
I’d like to give thanks...
To Jeff Martin, my mentor and friend since I walked in your studio eight years ago. You went from being my teacher to being my partner, but I will always be learning lessons from you. To Joel Carner and Henry Watson, for being absolutely fab. To my wonderful parents, who never stopped telling me to follow my dreams. I would also like to thank: All of my music teachers throughout grade school, Jim Snively, Ty Kellogg, Paul Borger, Lara Talevski and VisualizeNation photography, Joey Ariemma, all the coffee houses in my area, and especially to my friends for your love and support even when I drag you out to all my shows.


released August 14, 2012

Recorded at Bad Racket Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Engineered and mixed by James Kananen. Mastered at Cauliflower Audio by Adam Boose.


All songs written by Christian L. Watson.
Photography by Lara Talevski and www.visualizenation.com
Album graphic design by Christian L. Watson


all rights reserved



Christian L. Watson Novelty, Ohio

Christian is a singer/songwriter based in Columbus, diving headfirst into a great perhaps.

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